Mod Mum Baby Slings...

...are as functional as they are stylish! These baby slings aren't just for babies...they sustain through toddlerhood! I've been using my Mod Mum Baby Sling now since my son was only a few months old. This review is a year in the making because he is now 14 months old and still able to sit comfortably in the sling. I admit, I never have used a baby sling before this one. When my oldest was a baby, I was tempted by the slings. They looked cool and hip, but I was intimidated by the complex instructions. I feared I would set it up wrong and the baby would roll out or some other horrifying incident would occur. So I was a little nervous when I was given the Mod Mum Sling to review. But, to my surprise and relief, the directions for use were simple and easy to follow. The different positioning options for this baby sling allow for growth and gives me free hands to get something done while my son comes along for the ride. I do notice a difference when I don't have the sling and he is sitting on my hip. All that weight feels so much heavier without it and I realize how much I miss it when it isn't around.

Mod Mum Baby Slings are safe for use up to 35 pounds. That allows for longer usage and in today's tough economy it is a perfect pick if you want to get your money's worth. The slings are made from some fabulous fabrics and come in many great designs. They are durable and machine washable. I would recommend these slings for any new mom or mom-to-be. They would make a great baby shower gift too.
Check out their website for helpful tools in selecting the perfect size and style! Another great feature you will find while there are wearing instructions for each baby stage.

Mod Mum has kindly offered our readers Free Shipping on purchases from their website. Just be sure to enter this code at checkout to receive your discount: SHIPMEFREE


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Baby said...

Wow, what a service - thanks so much for putting this amazing info online! It is so very important for all parents to know that whether baby is in a car seat stroller, or Baby Carrier, the chin should *never* be pressed into the chest; and also to know that rapid, labored breathing is a sign that something should be changed.